I love to figure things out by writing about them. I’m fascinated by happiness - my own and other people’s - and by ideas that help me to apply my values day-to-day instead of rushing along on autopilot focussed on Getting Stuff Done.

I am a parent of two young adults. We homeschooled together for most of their childhood and teen years. Both are now branching out on their own. No longer a full-time parent, I’m beginning to explore new adventures.

I am a rock climber. I enjoy running and dancing. I love learning about fitness, health and nutrition. I eat a mostly whole-foods, plant-based diet with lots of great raw fruit and vegetables, but I struggle with an addiction to refined sugar.

I am interested in the environment, in particular finding ways for my family, living in suburbia, to reduce our negative impact on the planet.

I am a somewhat reluctant gardener. It takes more time than I would like to keep our small yard from dispersing noxious weeds around the neighbourhood. But I do appreciate having a reason to be outside focussing on details of nature I wouldn’t otherwise notice. And it’s very satisfying to grow some of our own food.

I love to read. Great books are a major source of fun and learning for me.